Ray's Story

‘I really look forward to her visits; I get to have a good chat…”

Ray* was always a very active working man and very much enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

After the loss of his wife he began to feel a bit lonely but did what he could to connect with people beyond the four walls of his home. It was following his stroke, however, that he began to feel much more isolated. The stroke left him with severe mobility problems, such that going out on his own became impossible.

Ray has carers who come in to help him get up and dressed but he says ‘They really don’t have time to sit and chat.’ His family call in when they can but still the days drag long with only the TV for company. He is unable to leave his flat without assistance and rarely had anyone who could push his wheelchair. 

Our volunteer visits and takes him once a week to a local coffee shop, enabling him to get out and have a good chat. He really values these occasions and looks forward to them with anticipation.

*Names changed to protect confidentiality