Nancy's Story

“My poor eye sight has caused me so many difficulties but I get to go out sometimes now…”

Nancy* is a lady in her 80s who has worked all her life and enjoyed the company of lots of people around her.

She is an extrovert, loves conversation, learning new things and making people laugh. In her latter years her health has deteriorated and, particularly her failing eye sight, has left her with feelings of extreme frustration and isolation. She doesn’t have the confidence she used to have about going out and can no longer do some of the things she used to love, such as needle work and cookery.

She was referred to Engage Befriending by her GP and has been matched with a local befriender, Sarah, who visits once a fortnight.

Sometimes they just have a tea and a chat, often sharing recipes or ideas about the latest news; other times they go out to a local cafe or supermarket. Nancy likes the trips out the best as she enjoys being out of the home doing activities and they help take her mind off the other things she can no longer do.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality